Empowering victims of sexual violence

Assaulted, disowned by their families and shunned by the local community.  Forced to leave school and live in isolation or marry their violators.   Mambasa's forgotten victims of sexual violence (VVS) will not take it anymore.

Great Actions for Development
 (GAD) is a Congolese humanitarian organization. Together with our daughter organization GAD Norway, we are working to improve the lives of Congolese families with education and self help.

Here is the solution:
56 Congolese women and children will to continue education or start their own businesses. Not only shall they get back on their feet, but become a source of pride and prosperity to their families and communities.

How to be a part of it:
As a local NGO Great Actions for Development is now the only organization left to finance and run this 40.000 USD pioneer project.

The UN has pulled out of the project due to war in North Kivu and the recent refugee wave coming to the Congo from Burundi. Therefore we need individual ambassadors and investors who want to be a part of this.

Thanks for considering an investment in your Congolese sisters!

Sincerely from the GAD Norge team

Birgit, Ragnhild, Alice, Robert and Olav
More about us here: https://greatactions.org/gad-norge/

(*Administration costs are included and constitute 12,3 percent alltogether. Includes office rental, transportation costs to follow up VVS, office supplies, government insurance and wages for five Congolese staff members)


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